Bets on CSGO

CS GO Betting Odds

The bets themselves can be on the winner of the tournament, any of the stages of the match, a round, etc. But before you figure out what bets are on CS: GO, you need to understand what they mean and what is the peculiarity of the game.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is played by two teams of 5: Terrorists (T) and Counter-terrorists (CT). The first to plant bombs. The second must find them and clear the mines.

The bookmaker gives a card. The first team to win 16 rounds with this card wins: defuses the bomb, destroys the enemies. For each successful stage, the team
receives money, which he exchanges for various equipment. However, winning on a card does not always mean winning the game. Sometimes in the conditions of the match there are nuances regarding the determination of the winner:

  • Up to the 1st won card (bo1);
  • up to 2 won cards (bo3);
  • up to 3 won cards (bo5).

Bookmakers rarely indicate Bo2 and bo4 in CS GO, since in these cases a draw is possible.

Many bookmakers and esports exchanges offer an additional list that can include up to 100 options.

  • P1, P2, 1X2;
  • card totals and handicaps;
  • individual totals and handicaps for rounds;
  • accurate account;
  • killing with a certain subject;
  • the winner of the round with a knife or a pistol;
  • the variant of winning the round – killing, destroying the bomb;
  • the first team to win rounds, for example 5 or 10;
  • whether there will be overtime;
  • bets on CS GO teams.

Bookmakers offering bets on eSports CS GO, other disciplines and traditional sports give mostly average odds. The bookmaker rating will be lower. In esports exchanges, quotes can be the same or slightly higher or lower. It all depends on the commission charged by bookmakers or eSports platforms.

On average, the bookmaker’s margin is in the range of 5-10%. The odds for matches with the same chances of the outcome are 1.80-1.90 in both directions.

Both bookmakers and eSports venues cap bet highs. In some, $ 100. already the limit, in other main tournaments you can bet up to $ 1000.

Parimatch provides a large selection of CS: GO tournaments, including those that are not very popular in Russia. The bookmaker develops an extensive additional list for top matches. In the Line, matches are given for several days, the odds for important tournaments are decent, the bookmaker’s commission is adequate. In Live matches, the odds are lower and you can place bets on CS GO during the game.


In-play CS Go Betting at Parimatch

Many professional bettors combine csgo betting prematch and live esports bets, but almost no one misses the opportunity to bet with more information about the match, as this gives more opportunities.

High odds. Despite the fact that at the beginning of the match the odds will be lower than with prematch bets, in the future, during the game, you can catch a good odds for the team you are interested in, if it loses a little at some point.

Fast reaction. You can always react to the situation in the match and insure your betting csgo, on the contrary, earn even more.

Parimatch CS GO Bonus Offers

Get a bonus on your first deposit. If not registered yet, then go to csgo betting sites. And if you are registered, it is recommended from time to time to view “Personal Promotions” in your personal account.

How to activate a bonus? Go to your personal account by clicking on your balance. There will be a tab “Personal Promo” – in it you can activate the available bonus.

There are also promotions that have their own separate page for activation. In this case, you need to go to the promotion page and enter your account there. Look for such promotions on the website or by mail linked to your account.


CS:GO Live Betting Tips

Gaming broadcasts have a tremendous opportunity to not only place bets on professional video game players when they play in esports competitions, but also watch them do it. With live streaming, you can watch the very games you are betting on. This is a unique experience.

To place bets on e-sports, you just need to find a bookmaker that provides such an opportunity, and then make a deposit and select live matches.

Please note that different companies can provide radically different conditions for betting in live, and this applies both to the time during which the live remains open and to the odds.

Some bettors register with several bookmakers, but it is worth noting that the rules of some sites consider such activity prohibited.

The list of matches in live is greatly reduced in comparison with the prematch, but there are several bets that are very popular among professional livers:

  • Team victory in the map;
  • team’s victory in the n-round CS: GO;
  • team’s victory in the CS: GO pistol round;
  • handicap;
  • totals.


Despite the fact that live in its essence requires improvisation, bank management must be thought out from the very beginning.

You must know in advance what size of bets you can and will make, and in no case deviate from the planned plan.

For beginners, the best option is flat, that is, bets with a certain amount regardless of the odds, as well as bets with a fixed percentage of the bank.

Register an account on the csgo betting site and join the exciting world of CS: GO live betting!