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Make Dota betting and you will find:

  • Increased odds – quotes that bookmakers set on popular events due to a decrease in their own margin or its complete absence.
  • VIP bonuses are company loyalty programs that attract new customers and support existing users. Bettors accumulate points or points on their bets to be redeemed for prizes, cash or bet bonuses.

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Live Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2, a massively multiplayer online battle arena video game, has grown significantly in popularity in recent years. Dota 2 matches are played between two teams, each of which consists of 5 players. Each player controls the “hero” and strives to collect experience points and valuable items for his team. The object of the game is a large structure located in the opposing team’s camp.

Can you place Live bets on Dota 2? The short answer is yes! At Parimatch you can enjoy real-time Dota 2 esports betting for real money! In case you haven’t heard, this is an extremely lucrative industry. To give you an idea of ​​how much money is involved, Dota 2’s largest competition, The International, had a prize pool of over $ 18 million. You don’t have to be a high roller to bet live on Dota 2 esports, but if you want to use your new knowledge to raise your bets a bit, you can get a very large sum!

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Betting Tips for Dota 2

Esports is not much different from traditional sports competitions. It is important to remember that one hundred percent predictions are a myth, but there are strategies that significantly increase the chances of winning.

The basic rule is not to play all-in. It is advisable to place Dota 2 betting in parts – this will allow you to save the deposit for future bets.

Working strategies:

  • Flat is recognized as the backbone of the strategy. The point is to place the same bets without paying attention to the odds. Just bet a certain amount on all events. The plus of a flat is low risks and stability, a minus is a low profitability in the future.
  • Martingale (Dogon) is a strategy for a large bank. The point of catching up is to cover all past losses by increasing the amount of the bet. The bettor must remain in positive territory for the size of the lost bet. The undoubted plus of the strategy is a stable increase in the bank by a certain percentage, minus – there are risks of losing the lion’s share of the bank in case of several defeats in a row.

Betting on Dota 2 by Martingale strategy. Few know more specific types of Dota betting strategies. There are exclusive schemes that work only in this discipline. Consider three interesting strategies:

  • Overdraft is a strategy for connoisseurs of the pick and ban stage. A lot depends on the draft in Dota, including the outcome of the match. The better the bettor understands the meta, the easier it is for him to make a prediction. Overdraft involves the analysis of picks and bans of teams and bets in the event of “overdraft” – a situation when one team has completely “closed the peak” of the opponent.
  • Winrate is a strategy that analyzes the percentage of victories of two teams. Only face-to-face meetings are considered. For example, Evil Geniuses perform well against Asian teams, but consistently lose to European teams (OG, Liquid).
  • Star Targeting is a strategy that focuses on one performer. Dota is a team game, but often only one person makes the lion’s share of the contribution to the victory. There are many examples: Sumail, Maybe, Ana, Miracle. If you give the top players their heroes, they can turn the game around. Many bettors do not believe in the team as a whole, but in one performer.

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How to bet on Dota 2 in Parimatch?

Dota 2 is very popular not only among fans, but also among fans of e-sports betting. The game offers many conditions on which you can wager money and possibly make a profit. Understand the basics of Dota 2 betting here.

To increase the likelihood of your bets being successful, you should pay attention to the following factors:

Knowledge of the game meta. In Dota 2, small patches periodically appear that weaken popular heroes, change the characteristics of artifacts, and so on. These changes affect the nature of the game and its speed. Such factors should definitely be taken into account before placing a bet. To do this, it is best to periodically play Dota 2.

Acquaintance with the pro-scene. If you know the strong teams of the current season, their history of confrontation with opponents, as well as the team’s playing form, it will be easier for you to make a decision and place a bet. To do this, watch at least the majors and minors of the season, as well as some major tournaments. For example, the ESL One series competitions.

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