Bets on Esports

For those who are just starting to play bets in a bookmaker’s office, it will be interesting to know how different types of bets on e-sports and types of bets on e-sports differ. Let’s start with the fact that the eSport category of bookmakers has a rather large difference in types and types of bets from the sports we are already used to. Consider them below.



  • Standard or outcome bet. This is a type of bet, the meaning of which is to place on one of the two teams. Who take part in the match. The bet on the outcome can also be not only on one match, but also on a series. Such a bet can be placed in the discipline of CS: GO and Dota 2.
  • Betting on the future. This is a type of bet that assumes that the bet will be placed on the team that is the winner of the tournament.
  • Painting is a type of bet that assumes some kind of outcome. For example, the number of murders, first blood, and so on.
  • Express rate. This type of bet, the essence of which is that the player will make several different bets at once on the outcome of different matches or tournaments.


Dota 2

Many esports experts see Dota 2 as the future of youth betting and for good reason.

Dota 2 is a legendary MOBA game that has become a modification of the classic WarCraft III strategy game. Later, Valve announced its own project. The video game has undergone many modifications until it has become one of the most popular disciplines. As an esports discipline, Dota 2 began with a loud announcement of The International, the main annual tournament from Valve, where the Ukrainian team Natus Vincere became the first champion. Now the number of tournaments has increased significantly, and in addition to The International, a whole series of prestigious tournaments, both rating (DPC) and regular, have appeared.

A game of this magnitude could not fail to attract the attention of betting fans. The biggest scandal in esports is directly relat

ed to betting on Dota 2, when a team participating in the competition bet on defeat to make money on the bets. They won the bet then, but received a disqualification.

The Parimatch project offers the best conditions for esport betting – profitable odds and interesting special offers, so be sure to check out the list of bets available on Dota 2!

Cs Go



Match betting has always been an integral part of CS, because a large number of tournaments and an equal level of teams give a lot of chances to win. The first bets on this game appeared in early versions, when a few fans bet cash live without any particular guarantees of winning.

Today, betting on CS: GO is much easier and safer, because now you can place bets during a match stream from anywhere in the world, on all major CS: GO tournaments on the esport betting site PokerMatch!

League of Legends

The huge audience of the game opens up excellent conditions for betting on tournaments, the PokerMatch project provides its users with the opportunity to make esport betting odds on LoL. They are ready to offer a variety of interesting betting options on every major tournament, so don’t miss your chance to win with your favorite players!

Starcraft 2

It is not surprising that esport gaming betting is accepted for StarCraft, such a popular game simply could not slip out of the sight of bookmakers. The PokerMatch website offers you the best odds for betting on Starcraft 2 tournaments. It is by far the most reliable and convenient service for accepting esports bets. Here you can find everything you need for full-fledged betting.


Overwatch came to esports at the height of the popularity of betting on tournaments and competitions, and PokerMatch is among the first to start accepting bets on matches for this game. A bet on the victory of one of the teams will give you an incentive to root for the players in a new kind of esports with a vengeance!

In-play eSports betting

The strategy for betting esport during a match is very important. Despite the fact that there are many things that players should consider when betting on esports, if you want to develop any strategy, you need to focus on individual games – after all, not only the types of bets differ, but also the type, rules and format of the game. … All of these details are critical elements of any eSports live betting strategy.

In addition to experience in different games, it is important to know the strengths and weaknesses of individual teams in certain game situations, as well as how specific players adapt throughout the match. Any data of such a plan will be very useful for betting on esports during the game.


Mobile eSports betting

You can earn good money from the prize money not only in the games we are used to on the PC. Big prize money has already come to mobile disciplines. Moreover, they are popular in very wealthy regions. Mobile bets are very convenient and you can place them not only at home, but anywhere you are.

Parimatch Esports Payment Methods

One of the most important points to start playing is to fund your account. Figure out how to do it on the site, as well as in the application.

Let’s start with the site. There is nowhere easier: just click on the green button “Replenish account” in the upper right corner, select a payment method in the section that appears and then follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

With the application, everything is no less simple: press the balance button and then all on the same green button “Replenish the account”.

So, what methods can you use to fund your account? Depending on which currency you chose during registration, it can be top-ups from cards, e-wallets, and mobile payments and terminals are available for some currencies.

All payment methods and limits for them are displayed in the replenishment section.

Parimatch Esports Bonus



Bonuses at betting esport are provided for the first deposit or the first bet when registering with the bookmaker. This is usually 100% of the first deposit or bet, while the maximum bonus amount is limited and usually ranges from $ 10 to $ 100.

Go to the esport betting site and start winning.