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The base odds for the top League of Legends outcomes are calculated based on past match results, gamer qualifications and the importance of the tournament. Bookmakers often compare the odds with those of competitors, sometimes they are unexpectedly high.

Learn lol betting odds and start winning.




In-play LOL Betting at Parimatch

Esports matches differ from traditional sporting events in that it is more difficult to predict the outcome of the additional list. However, bettors love these disciplines anyway due to live betting, where they can assess events in real time and observe team setups.

To make lol betting more successful, you need to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Team composition is one of the most effective tools for analyzing a future match. It is always worth keeping track of the history of the last matches of the players, their winrate (percentage of wins relative to losses). You also need to pay attention to how often the team plays with this lineup and on which lines or for which characters the esports player most often plays;
  • Were there any substitutions – sometimes players can be replaced almost on the day of the game. So, before choosing a series of bets on a certain match, you should carefully study the latest news on the team’s website or in its social media accounts;
  • What characters the players chose before starting the game is another important analysis tool, since sometimes a well-coordinated setup is already a small claim for success. Here again it is worth remembering the individual statistics of each of the players on certain characters;
  • Blocking a character – when choosing a bet in live mode, you need to find out which characters the players have blocked. Locks are needed in order to balance the balance of teams and bring them as close as possible to a level playing field. But not always a successful blocking can decide the outcome of the meeting;

Knowing this information, it will be easy for you to place a bet on lol betting sites.

Parimatch League of Legends Bonus Offers

Bonuses from bookmakers, generous gifts and sweepstakes are a great opportunity for users to make esports lol betting profitably. But how to navigate the avalanche of stocks, find the most favorable conditions and not lose? In the section BK Parimatch Bonuses you will find many interesting and profitable promotions, bonuses and free promotional codes.

League of Legends Events

League of Legends – Guardians of the Light 2021

For centuries, the Guardians of the Light have resisted the destructive magic of the black mist that crawled to the shores of Runeterra every year. But the warriors became less and less, and the terrible inhabitants of the Shadow Isles only gained strength. Finally, the ghosts got tired of hiding in the shadows, and they fell upon the world with all their might. Now the warriors of light face an ordeal.

The fallen king is back, and only the Guardians can stop him.

Swear allegiance to the light and fight Viego and his minions. The battle will last from 23:00 on July 8 to 09:59 on August 10 (Moscow time). Event Quests will only be available during this period, but you will be able to spend earned Guard Tokens until August 25, 2021, 11:00 p.m. ET.

You can also do lol esports betting for this event. Go to the lol betting website for this.