Bets on StarCraft 2

At the moment, Starcraft is the only discipline of its kind that continues to live a fulfilling life. Its prosperity ended a few years ago, but the game has retained a certain audience, and Blizzard is trying to maintain it in a viable state, accordingly, the popularity of Starcraft 2 betting is still taking place.


Where to bet on Starcraft?

Despite the fact that the discipline is not very popular, it can be found at many sports bookmakers (among those who have esports not just for show), and at all companies specializing in esports. These companies include Parimatch. You can do Starcraft betting here.

The main outcome of Starcraft 2 betting

Unfortunately, the features of the game do not allow setting a wide line, so the outcomes are limited to standard ones. Matches are played in best of 3, best of 5 or best of 7 formats on different maps. Consider the main betting options:

The game lacks an element of randomness, and the question of a player’s victory boils down to three things: micro control, macro play, and mind games. Right off the bat, you can’t tell which is more important.

If one of the three elements of a player is at zero, or close to such a value, his / her falling into the category of professionals is excluded. Having considered and correctly weighed these three parameters, you can predict the outcome of the meeting with an accuracy of 80%.

Handicap on cards and total on cards

To determine this result, to correctly predict it, you need to know which cards will be played. Otherwise, such a rate is very unreliable.

Tips for beginners

Beginners to navigate the world of esports betting Starcraft
often get lost when they have to bet on StarCraft 2. To get the experience you need and become a professional bettor, you need to know a few subtleties:

  • Starcraft 2 is not a team game. Here, only one player acts on each side. Therefore, the result of a match and a round depends solely on the state of health, mood and experience of each individual gamer.
  • A thorough analysis of game statistics will help you decide on a favorite. If a gamer performs consistently enough, he has a greater chance of success. If the player is good, but occasionally drops out, here is a matter of luck. You can estimate how great the chances of winning a particular player are by looking at several ratings. However, do not forget about the factor of surprise: even an experienced gamer sometimes loses to weak opponents.
  • The prestige of the tournament also has a certain influence on the outcome of the match. It often happens that a player breaks down under pressure and loses. At the final stages of major competitions, victory often rests with an experienced player and a good psychologist, who is able to maintain a cool head regardless of the situation.

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